The Beer With No Name

The Beer With No Name

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The Beer With No Name Raspberry Ginger Wheat Ale
Nicknamed 'Joe' and 'Blondie'- the Beer With No Name raspberry ginger ale is perfect brew for cheers'N'pals on the dock at camp... or quenching your thirst on date night while binge-watching Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns. Raspberry and Ginger- often portrayed as outsiders, outlaws in the beer world, anti-heroes, instead imbibe iconic flavour profiles on the ale of sweet, tart, spice, and smooth, a perfect balance spoken soft through the ale's malted wheat and barley, raspberry, ginger, wheat- the good, the bad, the ugly? More like all good, no bad, and beauty in the eye of the beholder. The beer with no name coming to a glass near you.

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ABV: 6%  |  IBU: 23  |  SRM: 18