Flip Flop

Flip Flop

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Flip Flop Dry Hopped Sour

One of summers' most iconic symbols, we couldn't resist naming this uber tasty treat after the most worn style of footwear in history. Same as beer, Flip Flops date back
thousands of years - the two go hand in hand (or foot in foot?); sorta like Flip, and Flop.

One of Lake of the Woods Brewing Company Manitoba's Small Batch releases - Flip
Flop - is a double dry hopped sour with an herbaceous (wow! good word) fruity citrus
profile exhibiting subtle tartness and lip smacking good-to-the-the-the-last drop deliciousness.

Just like our good buddy Jimmy says, you may blow out your Flip Flop rushing
to grab one, it's that good (please rush responsibly). Best served with sand under
your feet, painted toenails and head above the panic line.

Growler price includes Glassware ($7.95) and beer fill!

Buy in a three-pack and SAVE!

946ml  / 32 oz
ABV: 5%  |  IBU: 15  |  SRM: 7