Hand Sanitizer 4L Jug

Hand Sanitizer 4L Jug

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4L Liquid Hand Sanitizer Plastic Jug. Our sanitizer is 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, which exceeds the World Health Organization’s recommended minimum of 70%.

To use at home, pour the sanitizer into a HDPE plastic (or glass) soap dispenser or spray bottle.


Please Consider Donating Hand Sanitizer. Below you can add a bottle of hand sanitizer to your order that will be donated to those in need in the community who's organizations can not afford or do not offer hand sanitizer to their staff. Lowbrewco is donating as much hand sanitizer as we can, but there is always need for more. Your donation would be kindly appreciated.


If you are an organization or business in need of larger bulk orders, please email ron@lowbrewco.com for information. #staysafe