Sasquatch Black Lager

From the deep in the forests of Northern Ontario...

Very few people are lucky enough to see this elusive creature that has become legend in NW Ontario… and now, we are offering a beer just as rare.

Introducing our newest seasonal, Sasquatch Black Lager. Yes, you heard right, Black Lager... it really does exist.

Sasquatch Black Lager is a dark, rich and roasty beer that's exclusively smoother and less bitter than you'd expect. Sasquatch Black lets you have your dark beer and drink it too. Tasting Notes: Jet black in colour with a tan head, medium bodied yet fresh and crisp. Well balanced with dark roasted malt flavours with a smooth bitterness and lingering long finish.

Growler prices include Glassware ($7.95) and beer fill!

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946ml  / 32 oz
ABV: 4.5%  |  IBU: 28  |  SRM: