1907 4 Pack

1907 4 Pack

4 x 473ml cans of our new 1907 Scottish Cream Ale. 


In March of 1906, the Montreal Wanderers (now the Montreal Canadiens) won the Stanley Cup from Ottawa and retained it until they met with the Kenora Thistles hockey team in January of 1907. The Thistles traveled to Montreal and cleanly beat the Wanderers in a best of three tournament, winning the first game by a score of 4–2, and the second 8–6. KENORA IS THE SMALLEST TOWN TO HAVE EVER WON THE STANLEY CUP!

1907 Scottish Cream Ale is a mild beer made using traditional ingredients. Hops are minimal and Heather flowers have been used instead for bittering and aroma along with honey for a delicate sweetness. Pale Ale malt is used as a base in addition to wheat, rye, oats and caramel malt. The caramel malt contributes colour and toffee flavours, the rye adds a distinct spice and the oats are used for body and head retention.

IBU: 23 | SRM: 5 | ABV: 5.65%